[stella] 2600/GBA Programmer Needed!

Subject: [stella] 2600/GBA Programmer Needed!
From: "Albert Yarusso" <albert@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 11:47:02 -0500
I am posting this for a friend of mine who is looking for a knowledgable
2600 programmer to do some work for the GBA.  Please don't respond to me,
but to coder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx!  :)


I need a professional programmer to work on an Atari 2600 emulator for the
Nintendo Gameboy Advance.  Since the GBA only has a 16MHz ARM processor, it
will need to be super-optimized straight C code, with no dynamic memory
allocation, and with speed-critical parts possibly being written in ARM or
THUMB assembly (I can help with the ASM if necessary.) This person must know
the 2600 inside and out, and familiarity with the GBA is very helpful, but
not required.  This project needs to be on the shelves by Xmas 2003, so the
schedule is going to be tight.  Only the core emulator (including full
sound) is required...no user interface or game selection is needed (that
will be handled by another programmer.) As a 100% pure emulation probably
isn't possible due to the slow clock speed of the GBA, I need somebody who
can creatively discuss and implement alternate ideas (such as static or
dynamic recompilation, dirty rectangles, etc.)

The person must be available to sign an NDA with my company, and must be
available to work *full time* on this project starting pretty much
immediately (you can work from your current location...I am located in
Austin, TX.)  The specifics of the project (including a list of games) as
well as a compensation plan will be discussed once an NDA is signed. This is
a serious commercial project for a well established publisher that has been
around since 1996 (we've published over 40 titles, and are still going
strong), so please do not respond unless you can actually do the work, and
have demonstrated success from previous projects.

Interested parties should email a resume along with their qualifications for
this particular project to coder@xxxxxxxxxxxxx ASAP.  Feel free to email any
questions that you might have as well.  I can't really reply to questions
posted here, so email only, please.


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