Re: [stella] Euchre: special edition owners

Subject: Re: [stella] Euchre: special edition owners
From: Erik Eid <eeid@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 12:55:32 -0400
On Wednesday 06 August 2003 18:25, Jeff Rothkopf wrote:
> I'd imagine that Atari Age is letting you know the people who buy 'em now...

As Thomas mentioned later, they do not.

I appreciate you letting me know about the cart number - it's nice to know 
that the game continues to sell!  :)  However - to all the readers of Stella 
- please know that I was only looking to get the numbers from the Special 
Edition owners so that AtariAge's cart numbers didn't overlap Hozer's cart 
numbers.  Now that AtariAge has been selling carts for several months, I 
don't need to know what numbers have already been sold.

> Thanks, and please do keep me informed if/when you've got new projects for
> the classic systems!

If I do start another project, it will definitely be announced here and on 

Thanks for your support!  Enjoy playing Euchre!

- Erik

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