RE: [stella] gah! my suckitude knows no bounds

Subject: RE: [stella] gah! my suckitude knows no bounds
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 24 Aug 2003 02:47:20 -0000
Oh man...thanks!
You guys were great,Dennis your super quick response was especially
much appreciated.

It's so strange how such a big error can be almost completely
hidden for a long time, and then BAM...things go CRAZY.

So, I had a day of good progress, after like a year of nuthin'.

To refresh people's memory, I'm trying to port JoustPong, 
a game I've done on a few platforms, which is basically pong 
but the paddles are controlled by each player pressing a single
Joust-like flap button each.  (On all my other versions, I found
a simple algorithm to make a good but not perfect computer 
opponent...)  I'm coming at it as a newbie ASM programmer, despite
being reasonably competent in a number of (higher level) languages.

Today I got the ball bouncing between the players and off of
the "floor" and "ceiling".

You can get the latest code and binary and more details on where
I'm at on my game journal:

(Etiquette, should I really be posting binaries instead of a 
reference to the journal?  I mostly don't because my homebrew
webmail system doesn't handle attachments very well yet...the 
URL there is pretty permanent, but maybe it would be safer to
include source and binaries just in case?)
 "Anyone who says life is short really isn't paying attention." --March 4 2001 

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