Re: [stella] yet another Asymmetrical playfield

Subject: Re: [stella] yet another Asymmetrical playfield
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 Aug 2003 13:30:49 -0000
> At 08:59 PM 8/29/2003, Glenn wrote:
> >I was wondering, why was Glenn so hot to do
> >reflected assymetrical playfield...
> It was easier to encode the playfield bitmap to 4 8-bit wide playfield 
> register writes, leaving a single write to PF2 for both sides of the border.

First off, your quote of my text makes me realize I mighta 
sounded more like a punk than I meant me, I trust your
reasons for stuff I don't understand more than I trust my own
stuff.  I started to get the reasons why you went that route
as I dug up the thread in Stella, but it was late when I wrote that.

> It is still necessary to blank out the playfield every other line to be 
> able to do all the sprite stuff so you can see how cramped the timing is.

Blank out the playfield? Does that leave holes?
(looks at screensot) Guess so--but it looks pretty good actually,
scanlines are pretty small, it's a decent effect.

Even though in retrospect it was painfully "well duh" obvious, I 
had to learn the hard way that you *have* to draw (or not draw, 
in your case) an assymetrical playfield every scanline, unlike 
players you can't say "oh I'll just get a taller graphic by 
keeping the values in the playfield registers..."

Oh, and I just went back and caught up on some of your journal
entries, Glenn.  You did a nice job explaining things, much
better than the JoustPong journal (which saves most of its
'splaining for 2600 101)

 Indeed, the Russians' predisposition for quiet reflection followed by 
 sudden preventive action explains why they led the field for many 
 years in both chess and ax murders.  --Marshall Brickman, Playboy 4/73

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