Re: [stella] SID2TIA: First result

Subject: Re: [stella] SID2TIA: First result
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 30 Aug 2003 15:24:34 -0000
> Attached is the first tune which came out of my generic 
> SID2TIA converter...
> No. manual. tweaking.

No "Manuel" tweaking either I imagine.
(har, I bet you hardly ever get jokes like that.)

Very cool.  How do you rip the SID out of programs?
Is it akin to sampling, where you're grabbing whatever
gets passed to the SID, or was there such a standard
way of making a "music kernal" that you can rip from
the program image itself?
(And do you do requests? I don't know if it would 
exceed the 2600's capabilities, but "the title theme
to "Skate or Die" has always been a favorite...)

On a not quite related the Stella 
biglist search just plain broken? Luckily I found
I can get decent results doing Google searches with
in the search string, because the builtin search
wasn't find *anything* (I was tempted to do a 
webscrape of the whole archive so I could do
local searches, Google is saving me from having 
to do that.)

  "Ohhho, your inner child pretty much runs the place, huh?"
    --Tracy (The Drew Carey Show)

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