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Subject: Re: [stella] he got game
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 3 Sep 2003 16:12:25 -0000
combined your two messages...

> I think the game is great, and I actually like the controls and difficulty 
> as is, although it'd be great to see more variations and difficulty levels.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one ok with the difficulty and controls.
(Not that there isn't some room for some maybe-difficulty-switch variants...
 though the trouble with difficulty switches is that often there's no 
 sign of what's changed, or how...)

Though I think the area most ripe for experimentation is letting the players
go anywhere onscreen. I'm having some thoughts for the AI that would entail.

Actually, one of the trickier things about the AI is right now the 'game'
just doesn't know where the ball is or players are, really...I mean, it 
knows the players are where it pre-positioned them, and it knows the 
ball's direction, and uses that knowledge to know who scored a point when
the ball hits the playfield.  Are there many hidden complications in using
a variable to "shadow" the horizontal position of a display object that's 
being moved with HMOVE, or do I need to consider a horizontal positioning 
strategy that uses loops to position everything? (though I might lose some
accuracy)  On the other hand, I might not need to know the exact location of 
the ball or the AI player, just what they are relative to each other...

> BTW: Have you played Mondo Pong?  If not, it might give you some ideas for 
> game variations.

No i haven't, though I was intrigued by the description.
Is there a better BIN then ?
And Al, was Piero Calvino against the binary being distributed, or
is there another reason why the binary isn't available from the 
cartpage, unlike INV and Oystron?

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    of in your philosophy...   ...because your philosophy sucks." 
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