Re: [stella] give me a D. give me a U. give me an H.

Subject: Re: [stella] give me a D. give me a U. give me an H.
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 11 Sep 2003 00:16:56 -0000
Oh, and by the way, I already decided that "4 scanlines per brick" was about 
the right size.  Hmm, maybe there's an easier way to divide the scanline
count by 4 then maintaining a special counter that needs to be reset
all the time and doing lots of branching....

So I now have a kernal that should be enough for Poorlords!

Has anyone ever tried to make an automated cycle counter?
If I really restricted it, like something that could count 
a kernal as long as it doesn't branch backwards (since 
without analyzing register values, it would have to assume 
that a loop back could go on forever...) it might be *fairly*
straight forward to do in Perl...and very helpful.

Crap, half the documents about 6502 at the Dig are gone...
I knew that thing shoulda done more local mirroring.

"An art form based on the computer should be impossible without it."
--Myron Krueger

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