Re: [stella] New game: Ace 2600

Subject: Re: [stella] New game: Ace 2600
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 26 Oct 2003 17:24:29 -0000
Heh...I think this game looks *very* familiar to many atari owners,
save for the control, not to sound Combative or anything. 

(Of course I'm not getting the full benefit of the control because 
I've only tried it on Z26)

You know what would *really* interest me? Although I've never had the 
chance to play it head to head, Intellivision had a highly 
regarded biplane duel in their "Triple Action" cart.  Both players
start on the ground, and there's a real sense of the physics of wings
as you lift off and have to avoid stalling and hitting a central tower
while still gunning for your opponent. (Heh, Videogamecritic doesn't 
think too hightly of it, , 
but at least there's a screenshot)

We already have Armor Ambush and maybe Combat 2 that push the 
tank part of Combat along...maybe it's time to do the same for 
the biplanes.

For a good 2600 programmer, it might be a fairly straightforward
conversion, actually...might be some gotchas in the stall physics,
and maybe the crash detection. (i.e. they should be able to land,
I think, if they were going slow enough...or maybe just simplify
and say that the crash if they hit the ground once they've taken

--Kirk, who will probably be begging for some kernal help soon.
"Sisyphus has a sense of playfulness [...] 
    you have to look at it from the rock's point of view."
          --Pointy Haired Boss, Dilbert (TV)

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