Re: [stella] [POLL] What is everybody working on?

Subject: Re: [stella] [POLL] What is everybody working on?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 4 Nov 2003 15:10:14 -0000
I need to get back in the saddle and finish JoustPong off.

This past weekend we had a JoustPong Beta Tourney at 
New England Classic Gamers, with the 
cart Al made for OKGE as both contest and prize.  The build 
had the nice title screen and the "classic" gameplay.  It turns
out it's a great Tourney game, people really got into watching
it, and there were few absolute shut outs.  To round it out 
to 16 I joined in, and won, but one of those was a 10-9 squeaker...
which is good, it shows skill is important, but there are still
enough variables that experience doesn't always romp.  (I ended
up giving up the game in a one match wildcard with the guy 
who hosts NECG, and the guy who organizes it)

Sometimes I wonder if "poorlords" was the right path...I think
I might have to write a different kernal completely if I want 
to have other game modes, like throwing in a Joust-ish Pterry.
I might be coming to the group looking to see if we can figure 
out how to get an extra ball in the kernal... the kernal as is 
is really cutting it close, I stumbled on getting rid of a bug 
where the wall was showing every-other-line-missing (two line 
kernal) by using the "one in from outermost" PF graphic for the 
wall instead of the I realize I'm not cutting 
the paddles off properly when they hit the bottom.


"Morality's lease is up and Science has the keys to the apartment."
        -Ander's Mad Scientist Page

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