Re: [stella] Music Visualizations

Subject: Re: [stella] Music Visualizations
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:31:00 +0100
Hi Paul!

> Cool!  I've attached the closest I have to that.

Can I have font.h as well? :-)

> It's an instrumental that we do live.  I don't have a 
> good recording of the whole song, but here's an early 
> version of part of it:

Sounds cool. If I hear that right, the VCS part might be 
a bit too fiddely for the planned effect in certain 
places, but I'll give it a try :-)

> As long as it runs off the measure, beat, and note1/2 
> variables, it'll be easy to transplant between songs.

That reminds me that the AI cowboy during the Gunfight 
intro is not random driven, but actually by the music. 
The space it has to *dance* was just way too small to 
make his moves recognizable enough. 

I bet no one ever noticed :-)

> Beware that Z26 doesn't emulate the "buzz" sound very 
> well which is used a lot in this one.  It sounds 
> better on the real thing.


> I'm working on a few cool new music kernals myself 
> that are a bit more involved that what I currently 
> have.  I should have one of them running next week, 
> and I'll post it then.

A nice effect might be generated by doing the 
*vectorized* cave thing idea I had for the Cave game. 
You could have something like a strobing flash, 
generated live out of the actual music data... :-)


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