[stella] Hey Stella folks

Subject: [stella] Hey Stella folks
From: "Adam Tierney" <adamctierney@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 13:54:52 -0800
Hey all,

Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Adam Tierney and I'm a pixel artist. One who can't code. That's right, exactly what Atari 2600 homebrew development has no use for. Anyways, I grew up on the system and being fascinated with low-detail, low-color micro-pixelling, I wanted to get into the scene in any way possible. I came up with a concept which Christopher Tumber has developed into the wonderful "Fade Out" game, and I've spit out a few more ideas on the Atariage.com forums.

I do GBA art for a living, so being able to create art so basic and strong is a real outlet for me. On that note, if anyone needs any art whatsoever for any demos (animated sprites, backgrounds, interface) I'd be happy to whip up whatever you need. Just give me an email at adamctierney@xxxxxxxxxxx and let me know whatcha need, what it's for and when ya need it. If you're interested in seeing any of my stuff, my website is adamtierney.com.

I look forward to updates from the list -- hopefully they'll give me a greater understanding of how games for the Atari consoles are coded, the limitations inherent, so that any ideas I bring to the table will line up perfectly with what can be done, and what coders are looking to try.



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