[stella] intelligent agent Vol. 3 No. 2 final installment

Subject: [stella] intelligent agent Vol. 3 No. 2 final installment
From: "patrick lichty" <voyd@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 07:29:10 -0600
intelligent agent - Vol. 3 No. 2

The third and final installment of articles from Vol. 3 No. 2 is now 
available at

intelligent agent is published in a modular format:
*3 thematic threads
Threads of Vol. 3 No. 2:
*reviews on DVDs, Web, books, projects

All content is available in html and as pdf files.


+ Giselle Beiguelmann, Wireless Conditions
Giselle Beiguelmann argues that wireless and mobile communication
make interfaces multiply and fragment the reception on electronic
connected to telecommunication networks. In Beiguelmann's 'post-urban
the virtual and real dimensions operating it are products emulated by 
nomadic inhabitants and communication devices, constructing a reading 
context where media are dissolved.

+ Troy Innocent, Reality Play: threads on digital games
Virtual worlds have the innate ability to shift and change, mutate and 
transmutate, and layer multiple modes of representation. Troy Innocent 
discusses 'world making' and 'semiotic morphism' as a model for
the same data between these different modes of representation.

+ Mia Makela, Metapet: genetic code in the service of the brave new
Mia Makela talks to Natalie Bookchin about the process of making Metapet
the audience's reception of the game.

+ Jack Ox and David Britton, GridJam
Jack Ox and David Britton discuss the creation process of the GridJam, a

continuation of their immersive music visualization system Virtual Color

Organ. The GridJam was conceived as a performance of 4 geographically 
separated musicians 'jamming' together over the AccessGrid.

+Melinda Rackham, The Dimensional Internet, Web3D -empyre- lab3D
Melinda Rackham gives an overview of the discussions that took place on
-empyre- online forum in conjunction with the shows lab3d (Cornerhouse, 
Manchester UK; ICA London; Folly, Lancaster; Experimental Art
Australia) and Web3DArt2003.

//free radical//
Curt Cloninger, On Archiving, Ephemera and Analog Distortion

+ Patrick Lichty, JPG (Japan Graphics, DAP, NY)
+ Patrick Lichty, Virtual Art (MIT Press)

+ Ricardo Dominguez, Indie Video Game Revisits 9-11: Blood of Bin Laden

+ Patrick Lichty, The Choreography of Everyday Life by Teri Rueb

+Patrick Lichty, NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK by Givord, Lenclos et. al.

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