Re: [stella] Resend: My Latest Project: the Super Atari

Subject: Re: [stella] Resend: My Latest Project: the Super Atari
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 11:34:00 -0800
Very impressive.

Maybe someone can combine this with the Cybertech A/V mod (there probably isn't enough room for both to coexist separately) and offer it commercially. It's just a drop-in daughtercard that goes into the 6507 socket, right? It doesn't require any jumper wires? The cart port is still pretty much the same, right?

I guess you are planning to write the boot-loader so you can load games directly through RS232 rather than cart. Since 32K linear RAM is a nicer memory model to work in I'm assuming that if you wrote a game on cart you'd probably want to store the game like a file in banked ROM and have a loader routine copy it all to RAM and then jump into it.

Plus, with the RS232 then you could write a simple client-server app on the PC that could read and write files on demand for the 2600, which could also be used in mid-game for levels, high-score saves, etc..

You could write a pretty massive RPG that way.

I know you can still do something like this by sacrificing a joystick port by using a Cuttle Cart/SC but you just can't hold much RAM at a time that way so you'd be requesting loads pretty constantly.

How fast do you think the serial could go with the stock 2600's 6507 clock speed?

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