Re: [stella] Cheap (but good) A/V mod

Subject: Re: [stella] Cheap (but good) A/V mod
From: Eduardo Luccas <elucas@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 17:00:18 -0200

> Hrm, a friend of mine hacked A/V out of a brazilian Atari 2600 (by Polyvox --
> so it's basically the same as the official one) and used just a few cheap
> components: four resistors and one capacitor :)

Well, this is certainly the simplest design I've seen and the web site
is very nice to boot.  My guess is if one tries it, and it works, and
one is happy with it, then great!  Personally I'd be afraid to run the
output of the TIA through some resistors directly to the video input of

Well, I was developed this modification in middle of year 2000, and I use this in my Atari Polyvox 2600 and it is still working perfectly until today.
Note that I ever play, sometimes daily.

My intention is produce a circuit that is easy to build, with no adjusts, more compatible with all brazilian Atari 2600 models and with good quality. This mod, however, works on original 2600 machines.

Sure, is not a bad ideia to use a buffer between TIA chip and TV-out, but the circuit will be more complex and expensive. Resistors net work fine. Many, many friends from Canal 3 Club (the biggest brazilian classic videogames and microcomputers user group) had build the A/V mod and the 2600 still working with no faults.

In fact there's a polyvox on ebay right now:

Please let me tell a few words about this:
My A/V mod is for a personal use only. But some guys here (best to call 'mercenaries') are using it to modify Polyvox and others brazilian 2600 compatibles (eg: Dactar) for commercial sell, generally in ebay. This people is NOT authorized to do this. If you see a Polyvox or other brazilian console with A/V and NTSC modified (in my page have instructions to "unmodify" the Brazilian consoles to return from PAL-M to NTSC color system) is 99% probabily that is a "not authorized" Brazilian A/V console.

My best regards,

Eduardo Luccas
Sao Paulo - Brazil.

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