RE: [stella] Seawolf 2: Day Four

Subject: RE: [stella] Seawolf 2: Day Four
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 06:36:10 +0100
Hi there!

Gonzalo wrote:
> I know you eventually will get the sea movement effect 
> just like the arcade... Will you, right? :).

Hm... I cannot move the water colors independent from 
the ships stripes, so if I'd add a sea movement effect, 
the ships would also move with it. :-)

The code is just too tight to add even something simple 

LDA bigcolortable,scannline

Even if I had those 6 cycles, this was impossible, as 
such a colortable would probably require more than the 
available RAM :-)

Glenn wrote:
> You have to be careful how you alter the color 
> registers for B&W.  In B&W mode the bottom-most ship 
> is almost invisible if not for the stripe and the
> top tips, and the top ship's tips disappear.

I'll take care of this when I'm finalizing the color 

> I think most people remember Sea Wolf 1 more than Sea 
> Wolf 2 so I think the desire for the B&W comes out of 
> seeing an old-school Sea Wolf look and feel with 
> monochrome ships and no gradient on the sea.

Unfortunately the pure 2 color look is impossible to 
achieve due to a kernel limitation:

Since one of the torpedos is the ball, it is forced to 
be black like the PF. 

All I can do is really either monochrome as it is now, 
or single colored as in Sea Wolf 2. I think I'll go for 
the b/w approach now.


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