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Subject: Re: [stella] Random Numbers
From: "Joe Grand" <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 12:52:19 -0800
There are a few ways to do pseudo RNGs, but nothing that I'd use for
cryptography :) Erik Mooney posted something back in March 1997 about this
and it's in the archives here:

I used the routine in SCSIcide to determine the starting positions and
colors of the data bits. In is here:
and code is here:

I had to use 4 bytes of RAM:

rand1                   ds      1       ; Variables for random bit/byte
generation routine
rand2                   ds      1
rand3                   ds      1
rand4                   ds      1

Maybe it could be optimized in some way, but it worked well for me.

I had to seed the RNG at the beginning of my game calculations:

JSR  RandomBit  ; Seed the PRNG

And the actual routines are:

; rand1, rand2, rand3, rand4 are RAM locations, initialized to any non-zero
; value at program start
; RandomBit generates one random bit.
; RandomByte generates one random byte and returns it in the accumulator.

        LDA  rand4
        EOR  rand4      ; New bit is now in bit 6 of A
        ASL             ; New bit is now in carry
        ROL  rand1      ; Shift new bit into bit 0 of register, bit 7 goes
into carry
        ROL  rand2      ; Shift old bit 7 into bit 8, etc.
        ROL  rand3
        ROL  rand4

        LDX  #8
        JSR  RandomBit
        BNE  RandomByte1
        LDA  rand1

Have fun,


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Subject: [stella] Random Numbers

> Just started on a game for the 2600 based on the 1977 arcade game,
> Depthcharge (well, okay, it's a straight port with added game
> variations). It's my first attempt at taming the 2600, so please be
> gentle :-)
> I've been doing some thinking as to what needs doing on the game. I
> definately need a random number generator. Is there a way of doing
> that on the 2600?
> David Wyn Davies

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