Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 RC#01

Subject: Re: Re: [stella] Climber 5 RC#01
From: Dennis Debro <ddebro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:47:35 -0500
Hi all,

Thanks for the response. I'm working on them as I get time.

Manuel wrote:

> - In the Original mode, with every live all lines start 
>   as a solid block at the left side. Also there seems to 
>   be no randomisation, they behave exactly the same all 
>   the time.

This was done to keep the original in the VCS version. It's funny how i used to love this version. My old college roommate and I spent a lot of time playing that version. Now that I've added the enhancements suggested by [stella], I don't really even play that one anymore.

> - Colors: The ball is invisible every 5th level. No 
>   big deal actually - unless it warps... :-)

I noticed this too once I played it on my 7800 :-( The colors on Z26 are a lot better than the ones produced from RF.

> Here's another very, very minor change suggestions:
> - When the ball warped, it should not reset it's 
>   position after a live is lost.

Should the time reset? If you kept the same timer value then I could agree with you. If the timer reset then the player could score big by losing a life.

> - In the Expert mode, I feel the bonus objects don't 
>   score enough. Instead of adding 100 points, it should 
>   be (level# * 100).

Two have spoken so...okay.

> - Also, in Expert mode, the bonus scores shouldn't be 
>   added to the total score, but to the current score. So 
>   it's also "extra time" :-)

I'll see if I can squeeze another icon in there for the timer. I'm down to ~17 ROM bytes now.

Oliver wrote:

> -The dying and level complete sounds are a little bit nerve breaking. I
> would suggest using a different waveform, or fading out the sound by 
> decreasing the volume.

They seem fine to me. Does it annoy anyone else? It's okay to say yeah ;-)

> -Falling objects should have destinctive colours, so that you can seperate
> deadly and good items better.(if its possible)

As Thomas pointed out these are shared with the girders (objects = GRP0 girders = MISSIL0). If the player colors could've been VDEL'd then maybe so.

Thomas wrote:
> - At the title screen, the contrast between background and the grey
> letters is too low, making them almost unreadable on my TV. Actually
> the brightness of background and letters seems almost identical.

I'll look into it.

> - AtariAge logo isn't 100% centered

Picky, picky ;-)

> - IMO the 5 at the title screen should be taller (double height?)

I'm thinking of re-doing it altogether. The blockiness really bothers a certain [stella] member.

> - IMO the game should freeze when you finish a level. It just doesn't
> look right when you are hit by a girder then. I hope that isn't accounted as
> a feature. ;-)

What do you mean? When the climber reaches the ball there is a little pause while the sound plays. Once the sound is over then the next level starts. I shyed away from have the user press the fire button to start a level. I thought it took away from the game play.

> - color the remaining Climbers like the playing one. That will make them look
> much more interesting. And maybe make them one line taller.


> - In Normal I am always dying at the first row. Is that just me or is the gap
> between the girders to small there?

There is enough room to make it. It just takes practice.

> Sorry, haven't tested the sound yet.

Well, there is no walking sound right now. I'm still struggling with the TIA :-(

> BTW: Are there more additional lifes after 10,000 points?

Yes, once you reach 10,000 you should be awarded with an extra life. You only get one extra life per game (borrowed from Pac-man). There are no extra lives in the Normal mode because there is no score.

Take care,

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