[stella] subpixel joustpong

Subject: [stella] subpixel joustpong
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 3 Feb 2004 06:20:23 -0000
So I put togehter a much lass frantic version of JoustPong,
using subpixel positioning and speed control...you can get check
it out at http://alienbill.com/joustpong/

I haven't settled on the final numbers for the gravity force,
flap power, ceiling rebound, and I want to put that gradual 
diminishing floor rebound back in, but still, I think it's 
clear it has a lot of potential, just like you guys said.  

If you want to play with the physics numbers yourself, 
I made a javascript tool to convert decimal numbers into 
binary, since figuring the two's complement stuff was getting
to be a serious pain, you can see and use that at
(oops, I just noticed that Window's calculator now lets
you do some kind of specification of how many bytes...
well, it still seems fiddley to use. and the javascript thing was kind 
of fun to slap togehter.)

let me know what you think!  At some point I may need to 
consider using the vertical delay stuff since it's a 
2 line kernal, though I tried it a little bit once 
and it wasn't happening as smoothly as I had hoped...

(Oh, btw, I used Michal Kowalski's 6502 emulator,
to practice 16 bit math with little programs to prove
to my satisifaction that Andrew Davie knew exactly what
he was talking about...)

KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
 "My mind is especially empty today."
    --goofy looking buddhist monk to second monk, New Yorker cartoon 

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