Re: Aw: [stella] A largely completed disassembly of Coleco's Venture.

Subject: Re: Aw: [stella] A largely completed disassembly of Coleco's Venture.
From: RMundschau <rmundschau@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 07:27:13 -0600

I hope my initial guesswork draft wasn't too confusing and off ;-)

No, not at all. The only thing I really needed to change that you disassembled, was the liveGFX stuff which turned out to be part of an elaborate event generating mechanism.

Some interested stuff going on in this game engine. I am surprised that Coleco didn't take
advantage of this game engine to produce another maze shooter game with a different
theme, like SCI-FI.

I also found it fascinating and impressive. Doesn't fit in the picture of Coleco programmers ruining 2600 versions on purpose :-)

Yes, I think its a probably untrue considering the sophistication of the venture code. What I do see, however, is a lot of room for optimization. Given another month or 2 the programmer probably could have optimized the code to free up space and added a couple more features to the game. That's what surprises me most. The programmer should have gone to management and said, "hey we have a beginnings of a great game engine here, give me 2 months and I'll give you another great game with a different theme."


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