Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap

Subject: Re: [stella] Driving controller multitap
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 24 Feb 2004 18:10:01 -0000
> This isn't even necessary.  It should be possible to do a 4-player driving 
> game with 4 driving controllers.  Only two pins are necessary to read for 
> each driving controller, the other two can be masked out.  So with clever 
> rewiring it should be possible to read off four driving controllers.  For 
> the extra buttons you could emulate the booster grip.

Could you use those "Y" connectors that the Coleco Gemini / 
Columbia Home Arcade (what I knew it as :-)  ) use, to use their 
combo stick/paddle controllers as paddles?  If not, and even if,
given the scarcity of driving controllers, I think Paddles would
be much more popular.  And any game that requires a hardware hack
to play is going to be a hard sell.
> However, you just can't add in two cars to Indy 500 without completely 
> changing the kernel.  You'd need an intelligent flicker routine.

I don't think 30mhz flicker is the end of the world that you think 
it does, esp on a black background.  Maybe an "intelligent flicker 
routine" would be worth it, but w/ 4 objects, that becomes a very
difficult problem.  Well, maybe you could compromise, treat the cars
as two pairs, and branch to seperate kernals...still, pretty tough.

(I've had some side conversations about this; while a lot of the people
on stella are hardcore kernal wizards who love squeezing every last 
drop out of a kernal, I hope there's room on stella for those just using 
the 2600 as a fun game platform.  Obviously, work by Thomas et al. has 
really raised the bar of professionalism, and even the stuff later in 
the life of the 2600 puts my stuff to shame, but still...not every hobbyist
effort is going to be a kernal masterpeice.  Which doesn't mean we should 
slack on features, but it's better to get a *fun* game "out the door" than
to let a project languish in "it needs to look *better*" hell)

    "If your sexual fantasies were truly of interest to others, 
        they would no longer be fantasies."--Fran Lebowitz

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