Re: [stella] Rev B: what's that extra socket for?

Subject: Re: [stella] Rev B: what's that extra socket for?
From: Wvoutlaw2002@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 22:57:23 EST
In a message dated 2/24/04 10:24:11 PM Eastern Standard Time, adam@xxxxxxx writes:

I took my 2600 apart tonight; it's a six-switcher with a Rev B
motherboard, (C) 1977.

Between the 6507 and the TIA, there's a 24-pin pad.  It's clearly
designed to hold a socket, but there's no socket in it and the vias are
filled with solder.

I'm guessing that there was another part Atari was considering but
dropped for cost reasons.  Does anyone know what it was?  It looks like
a bunch of the lines run to pins 5-11 on the '07; that makes me suspect
that it was likely to be either ROM--a built-in game?--or onboard RAM.  

Does anyone know?

I think the original plan for the 2600 was to include Combat built into the system as opposed to on cartridge, and I think that's what the socket was for. I think somebody mentioned on the newsgroups a while back that they desoldered a Combat ROM chip from a Combat cartridge board and soldered the rom chip onto the pad you mentioned. I think it worked, but I think it also disabled the cartridge slot (meaning you could play only Combat on that 2600, and the cartridge slot wouldn't work).
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