Re: [stella] Makewav for Mac OS X

Subject: Re: [stella] Makewav for Mac OS X
From: Christian Groessler <cpg@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 26 Feb 2004 22:54:29 +0100
On 02/26/2004 04:13:54 PM EST Ruffin Bailey wrote:
>Can't recall where I got it -- from the list, I believe, but I can't
>even Dig up the post.  Anyhow, attached is the makewav tarball for OS
>X.  A simple "make" from the terminal in the same dir as the expanded
>files builds a cmd-line makewav utility that produces .wav files from
>.bin's that screetch when you listen to them.  No Supercharger near me,
>so I'm not able to test, but I'm betting it works.

The attachment is broken here, so I cannot tell whether it's the same version.
I've once ported makewav to MacOS-X, it's at


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