[stella] unbelievably yet more exciting WAS:more exciting that even that! WAS: JoustPong: more exciting than ever!

Subject: [stella] unbelievably yet more exciting WAS:more exciting that even that! WAS: JoustPong: more exciting than ever!
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 27 Feb 2004 04:36:09 -0000
the kernal was even better than I thought. 
It looks so good....

I went ahead and found an easy place to put in the rainbow effect.
(I didn't like using the 'score' colors, since then one player's
wall is the right color and the other is the color of pterry...)
That looks pretty good, but the *ball* changing colors doesn't...
especially since it's so small.

Does ANYONE think there's any way of making the ball taller?
(obviously (I think) we could widen it, but a flat ball would 
probably look even worse...) I'm out of my depth when it comes
to anything except trivial kernal mods...and I know Paul's 
kernal is tighter than a camel's bum in a sandstorm, so I'm 
not too optimistic. (I'm very grateful for how much cleverness
Paul has bestowed upon me...)

Al made some good suggestions re color:, if I ditch the rainbow wall
because of the way it's reflected in the ball, mabye I could slowly
color cycle the wall and ball. And he says maybe the screen (or just 
the increased score?) should flash when a player gets a hit, and then
the score should stay flashing when it's at 9....that would be some 
nice and not terribly tough to add in detail, me thinks.

I came up with another idea...Please let me know what you think...
in the latest binary, Pterry is travelling further left and right,
overlapping w/ the player.  Al suggested, maybe half jokingly, 
" I think the Pterry should sometimes shoot fire at the players, 
paralyzing them." I'm probably not up for fire, but what if Pterry
touching the player had some effect?  I'm thinking:
A. freeze the player for a few moments ("in the sky")
B. disable the player's flap button for a few moments
C. just shove the player downward

I think this could add a lot to the game (though I probably 
definately have to make Pterry a disableable option)  Already
I was happy with my ocassional slight urge to duck when Pterry
came swooping in, and this would increase it. Al thinks pterry
is moving a bit too fast for this not to be annoying, but I think
he has far enough to travel and can be high or low enough on the 
screen that it's not a big problem.

Hey, if anyone else is on AOL Instant Mesenger, my nick is 
kirkjerk (and Al's is AtariAge). It's really a great way to kick
around gameplay ideas...

Other improvements are:
I copied the kernal for the game into the kernal for the game select
indicators on the title screen, so now they're the same colors as 
in the game, and also Pterry's wings stop flapping on dives and 
climbs, so it looks like he's really using his wings...

KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx    http://kisrael.com
"I want to do to you what the spring does to cherry trees."
"I want to do to *you* what you do to chinese food." --tufts.general

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