Re: [stella] time to stick me with a fork?

Subject: Re: [stella] time to stick me with a fork?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 14 Mar 2004 18:33:58 -0000
> I assume this bug has been around for a while.  Nobody else ever noticed -
> does everybody else always flap around, and I'm the only one who plays by
> staying on the floor until the ball is arriving? :)

Yeah, probably for as long as I've been doing subpixel JoustPong.

I think if I half-noticed it, I mentally chalked it up to "inertia",
though a trivial test proved that false.  Sometimes a single flap
does a little jump, and sometimes the player just sat there.

I think most people DO rest on the floor 'til the ball is headed their
way but I think a lot of people then start in w/ a 
relative flurry of flaps, not noticing that the first was 
ineffective.  (someone said the floor should be lava, making the 
player flap all the time, but that seemed a bit mean and resulting in 
tired players. I mean, you have to learn how to hover just to hit 
the ball, it's not like it's a new skill.)

I also took the chance to lighten up the grey of the score strip
and floor.

 "The real problem with having mind-controlled zombies as my servants is that 
  it's tough to get up a really sincere-sounding round of cheers when 
  I've come up with a plan I think is worth cheering." --Maximus, X-Factor

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