time running out WAS: [stella] AARGH....obscure bug, or hardware glitch, help with final hour code review?

Subject: time running out WAS: [stella] AARGH....obscure bug, or hardware glitch, help with final hour code review?
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 15 Mar 2004 13:45:45 -0000
So....Al is leaving for Philly in about 24-30 hours.  

If there's any modification that can help this ROM be 
more reliable, I need to know about it SOON SOON SOON.
I still have trouble letting go of the idea that it was
a one-timer situation based on a bad physical switch, 
but it doesn't smell that way to Al.  It should be the 
same vblank switch reading code more or less, whether 
the game is active or it's over and the theme music is 
playing, so the game being over might be a red herring...
and I mean to be checking every frame...gah,
this is killing me! (life would be so good if it had 
'just worked', given that it seems to 'just work' on
supercharger, stella, z26, PCAEwin...and of course, 
unless we figure out some unusual circumstances 
(joystick being pressed? odd combo of difficulty
switches, b/w switch?) that can make it repeatable,
just seeing it happen again won't tell us much,
raw code inspection seems the only way, and I've 
tried that...

> > 
> > > Thanks for any advice.  Frickin' dodgey select switch....
> > > I don't know how to debug this if it is a real problem
> > 
> > Why, you throw it at the [stella] list, of course.  
> > I thought you knew that by now :)
> But admittedly...results you can't reproduce and with 
> only a relative vague description of circumstances are 
> real bears to debug...especially when you think the problem
> might be some flakey hardware....so I guess I'm asking for 
> some peer review....though I'm not looking to save cycles
> or space, just try to figure out if anything looks like it
> could block the normal return-to-title-screen-via-select
> after a game is done...

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