Re: [stella] PhillyClassic, John K Harvey, the homebrew scene, etc WAS:Climber 5 source code

Subject: Re: [stella] PhillyClassic, John K Harvey, the homebrew scene, etc WAS:Climber 5 source code
From: rwitalka@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 15:47:08 +0000
I don't have anything ready to post yet, but I am working on an X's and O's football (American) game, similar to the coin-op version Atari built in the 70's.  (I intend to use the number of times the fire button is cycled to determine the player's speed - replaces the trackball feature I liked in the coin op but sticks with standard hardware).  The project may be a bit ambitious, but I have a lot of assembly language experience (mostly Motorola and Zilog) in my past.  Thanks to this mailing list (and Kirk's 101) I've gotten a lot of good ideas on how to proceed, and think I am just about ready with a smart flicker kernel that will allow each player to have 6 independently moving "actors" (can I use the word players again?).  I've gleaned quite a bit from this mailing list and really look forward to reading the posts.  I haven't even gotten to the game play, AI, or the sound yet.

Because of its lack of original game play (just another sports game) I don't actually anticipate a great deal of general interest, and since I am married with 3 kids I can only work at this in fits and starts.  But since I am just doing this for me, it works out.  The point being I bet there are other lurkers out there like me who are working on personal projects like this that don't post either because of the pace of their project, the interest they perceive others would take in it, or they are afraid the quality or sophistication doesn't match what others here have produced.  I bet there is more out there then we know about.

> Hi there!
> > Well, I covered a lot of ground in this email...interested
> > to see if it sparks any conversation...
> Hehe, you pretty much already summed up everything of this conversation :-)
> I personally think that there's probably a lack of real new projects at 
> the moment. With Joustpong and Climber 5 just released, A-VCS-Tec 
> Challenge and Bounce almost done, I see not too much "alive" projects in 
> the pipe. Also, last year had only seen my own "Star Fire" and "Backfire".
> This year will probably see a few more, but these have been in the works 
> for quite some time.
> On the horizon I spot only very few upcoming games, though very promising:
> Fade Out: Brilliant concept, stella(/r) graphics.
> Death Derby: Glenn will do that - some day :-)
> Homestar Runner RPG: Killer App.
> Hm... correct me if I'm wrong, but besides my own Seawolf, that's it, what 
> we have of "alive" projects? I just scanned through the "In development" 
> pages of Atari Age, but there's no other project listed where we've seen 
> an update here in the last 12 months or so...
> Maybe it was time for the next "what is everybody working on" poll to 
> reveal some things... :-)
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