Re: [stella] Reflex: Paddle woes

Subject: Re: [stella] Reflex: Paddle woes
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 2 Apr 2004 13:14:30 -0000
Synopsis: not much help w/ Lee's Paddle questions but some general
moral support, and one thought about putting paddle reading elsewhere.

> other (for the hundredth time, I know) and spin around the bricks.  My
> immediate reaction to the low/high bit, constant checking, potentiometer
> fiasco was to drop paddle support.  

I get the same feeling when coding my stuff sometimes. It takes bravery
not to give up.

> 1. Do you know how many cycles/color clocks/scanlines/whatever it takes for
> the paddle bit to go high when it's cranked all the way around?
> 2. Can you share any words of wisdom from your experience dealing with
> paddles?

I don't know the answer to these but I'd love to find out.  Both for
the cookbook project, also I have an idea for a 4(!) player game, which
is a whole lotta readin' going on.  

I it feasible to position paddle reading outside of the main
kernal? You've got about 70 scanlines outside of the kernal, 192 in. 
33 of those non-kernal scanlines are often unusued. (JoustPong didn't 
need 'em at least) Obviously, if you had to put it in the v-blank and 
wind it around your main game logic could be a cycle counting or 
WSYNCing nightmare...or, you could not use the full range of the paddle,
though that might feel awkward.  Or if you knew there was some minimum
time it would take to charge, you could set that D7 in VBLANK 
do stuff then come back and start checking

> PS: I found out that "Powerball" is the name of the game that Reflex is
> based on.  It was on the diskette that accompanied this issue of Compute!'s
> Gazette:

Server not found, but I found a small thumbnail at Google:

Anyway, I wonder if "Powerwall"="State Lottery" back then or not.
I like "Reflex" better (though I realized it sounds like a knock
off on Jeff Minter's Deflex) though I almost want to suggest
some bad mispelling like "refleks" or even just "reflects".

Ehh, things with an X look cool.

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