Re: [stella] Master Mind Deluxe - Flashing

Subject: Re: [stella] Master Mind Deluxe - Flashing
From: Happy_Dude <happy_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 06:35:42 +1000
Thomas Jentzsch wrote:
> Yup, everything counts.
Good thing the graphics are so simple ;)

I'v implemented the flashing peg effect. Seems to work well 
but there was some colour bleed with the pointer moving up one row so I'v 
blacked it out and now it will delete any colour in the peg you movr to.

The only real problem I think I'll be stuck on is the White keys
I have to compare each code peg with every peg in the current row "exept" it's 
counterpart (thats done with the black keys)

Here we are, Flashing pegs :-D

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