[stella] Master Mind deluxe - key theory

Subject: [stella] Master Mind deluxe - key theory
From: Happy_Dude <happy_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 2004 05:42:04 +1000
I'v just spent all night on what seems to be a simple problem and still
haven't fixed it. 
The key theory, or in this case White key theory, is what I like to call a 
rolling loop. It's where the 2 index values always start at the same value
but one moves through the whole array once for every position.
I call it a rolling loop because that value has to roll from the begining to 
the end of the array (or vice versa) to cover every position.

In theory this would fix my only remaining problem in Master Mind deluxe.
(which is colours being counted even though they are black values, if a value
 from the edge of the array to it's position is the same value)

Has anyone coded one of these loops before or can point me to an example.
I'v been at this white key problem for over 24 hours so I thought it was time 
to consult the list ;-D

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