[stella] minor 2600 Cookbook Update

Subject: [stella] minor 2600 Cookbook Update
From: KirkIsrael@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 14 Apr 2004 05:03:42 -0000
Still chugging away at 2600 101.

Someone hinted that they wanted an example of subpixel movement,
so it's there in its uncommented glory at 
including skipdraw, which I'm happy with. Also it's a very cute
little ghost. I want to add exact horizontal positioning to that,
and then it will be the example for skipdraw, subpixel movement,
joystick and firebutton reading, using a ptr for which graphic to
point to, and horizontal movement. Feel free to comment on that 
code, since if 2600 Cookbook becomes what I hope it becomes, it 
might be the starting code for many newbie's projects.  (Or if 
you wanted to integrate battlezone exact positioning, I wouldn't
object strenuously :-)

Also last night I added a brief discussion of "smarter variable labels",
discussing the benefits of using
label ds 1
rather than
label = $80
and how to do it with unitialized segments, and Dennis Debro's 
useful DASM instruction to print # of bytes remaining.

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