Re: [stella] Stack pointer. Some questions

Subject: Re: [stella] Stack pointer. Some questions
From: "Kroko" <Nil.Krokodil@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 13:40:28 +0200
> How big is it ?
8 bit

> If I had to guess I'd say the stack pointer should be 2 bytes long (like
> pointer)

Yes, but the pointers high byte is hard wired to $01, so you can only use
the LO-Byte
=> adressable stack area: $0100-$01FF

> Where is it ?
Inside the microprozessor

> at the end of the 128 bytes of ram ? If so can you address it like a
> variable ?
I don't think so.

> I ask because I have 4 bytes of ram left that I can't use and it's really
> bugging me.

damn !


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