Re: [stella] Stack pointer. Some questions

Subject: Re: [stella] Stack pointer. Some questions
From: "Kroko" <Nil.Krokodil@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 17:37:36 +0200
> And the stack is 2 bytes in ram that points to code.

You can decide, where the stack should be, by initializing the
stack pointer. When you have done that, the stack is at the
memory location where the stack pointer points to. It doesn't have
a special size. In theory you could make a 128 byte stack. But yes, 
for a subroutine call, only two bytes are used and they point to the 
code which has to be executed after the call.

> Is is possible to address the "stack" like other variables ?
Yes, its just memory so you can adress it like any other
memory. You just have to keep in mind, that your variable might
be overwritten by the 6507 when you jump to subroutines.


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