Seawolf Release Candidate

Subject: Seawolf Release Candidate
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 01:02:22 +0200
Hi there!

After all the great feedback I received regarding public beta version, I'm very happy to now have a release candidate for Seawolf ready.

Changes vs. the Last Version are:

Difficulty Adjustment:
- Restocking targets move a little faster.
- Difficulty ramps twice as fast
- left difficulty switch toggles
  between "Ensign" and "Captain" mode
- right difficulty switch now toggles
  between ramped or full action start
- Fuel restocking will only add 60 units until a max of 99

- Tied the "Polaris ping" to the restocking target
- Color coded score display according to difficulty setting
- b/w switch will toggle auto-fire on/off

Bug fixes:
- Fixed "Pad Panda Bear" bug
- Fixed "Enemy Restocking" bug
- Fixed all collission detection glitches

Any feedback is highly appreciated, though from this version onwards I have to reject feature requests. All changes this version will see are bugfixes, real thing adjustments and very(!) minor tweaks.

At this point I'm most interested in bugreports and hardware compatibility reports, so please help me by testing these NTSC/PAL binaries on your testing setup.


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