Re: [stella] Hockey anyone?

Subject: Re: [stella] Hockey anyone?
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 23:49:58 +0200
Hi there!

Cool, so you made it after all! ;-)

This is my *first* post to stellalist after about 4 years of lurking. After gauging interest for an updated hockey game for the 2600, I decided to start my first game (working title is RealSports Hockey).

I think this is quite a brave task, I don't know if I'd dare trying that myself, considering what a great game Activisions Ice Hocky already is and that it'll certainly get compared with it ;-)

For the rink, I've decided to make the width such that PF0 is not used (it starts 16 pixels in) and only PF1 and PF2 need to be updated every 4 scanlines.

That is a very friendly layout. Since the PF is also mirrored, You get pretty effective here. You should already keep in mind collision detection when designing the field though.

I'm also updating COLUBK every 4 scanlines to simulate the end, blue and center lines, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to do this once everything else is implemented.

Sounds also "reasonable".

With 4LK resolution for the PF and 2LK for the players, this looks very doable to me.

Line1: Playfield / Puck
Line2: Player1
Line3: Background / Puck
Line4: Player2

Might work. Maybe you can do the puck even every line...

If you need repositioning it's getting tight, maybe like this:

Line1: Playfield/Background
Line2: Players/Puck
Line3: Repositioning
Line4: Players/Puck

Anyway, here's the kernel as of today. If anybody can give me some insight as to what to do next I'd appreciate it!! Since this is my first game I'll a little intimidated by how I should proceed.

The three most important things to get done first are the kernel, the kernel and the kernel.

Once you found a way to display everything you have in mind, all the "rest" can be added bit by bit.

Yeah, try to display a dummy ball, and dummy sprites, consider repositioning and in case query the archive how it's done in a single scannline. Also look for "Skipdraw" to display the players.

Thanks for letting me present my idea and hopefully I made some sense.

I addmittedly didn't look a the code so far, still I hope *I* made some sense ;-)


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