Re: [stella] Spam

Subject: Re: [stella] Spam
From: Rob <kudla@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 11:47:41 -0400
On Friday 06 August 2004 08:15, Thomas Jentzsch wrote:
> I am getting hit by a lot of virus spam with faked addresses
> of (former?) members of this list. Anybody else having the
> same problem?

Sure, stella's archives didn't always obscure the sender address, 
did it?  Anyway, I know the membership lists of stella and many 
other lists I've been on have made it into any number of spam 
databases, some of which you might find if you google creatively 
(or maybe even not so creatively.)  But more directly, if anyone 
who uses outlook or outlook express and used to be on 
stella-list gets hit with a virus, anyone in their address book 
or mail archives is fair game for both from: and to: addresses 
on zombie spam.

Since most of these are sent by compromised windows boxes, the 
only solution I see presently is switching to linux and 
convincing other people to do the same, at least till someone 
figures there's a critical mass of linux desktop machines to 
target with trojans ;)


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