Re: [stella OT] Spam

Subject: Re: [stella OT] Spam
From: Ruffin Bailey <rufwork@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 21:00:22 -0400
Rob wrote:

Or they have this page, which lists both, in their IE cache ;)

Except that Thomas' address isn't found there. As Thomas replied [to the list] regarding my off-list forward...

There are millions
of email-accounts existing, so I would not expect to see accounts related to me and also several times.

That's the one cxn that makes you wonder.

Though I suppose there are viruses that comb your entire hd for email addresses, correct? I forgot what that one [that I read about, at any rate] was, but I remember it hitting where I worked and being impressed with its description. Viruses are pretty interesting examples of social engineering. Can't wait for someone to finally make that 2600 link cable so we can at least start making in-RAM viruses for the beast. It's high time a security flaw with the 2600 was found/created! (Trying vainly to make this more T and less O, I suppose.)

There is a page at The Dig that had everyone's email at the time the page was put together, right? Anyhow, best of luck tracking down the culprit. Hope it's not me. ;^)

Ruffin Bailey

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