Re: [stella] New game - Fall Down

Subject: Re: [stella] New game - Fall Down
From: <joe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 00:22:23 -0400
Admittedly I didn't play it for very long, I'll give it another go tomorrow.

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Subject: RE: [stella] New game - Fall Down

> > So the point is just to keep falling down through the holes?  It
> > seems a bit
> > easy.
> To me, the objective is a little more complex than just falling down
> holes.  The challenge isn't only to keep from scrolling off the top of the
> screen, but to beat your opponent to each hole so you can claim the point
> for that platform (and be visually rewarded by the platform changing
> When you start a new game, it's more about racing your opponent to claim
> points and collect speedups, but as the game progresses, things get more
> desperate as you try harder and harder just to stay alive.  This gradual
> shift in objective during gameplay helps keep things interesting.
> I think Aaron's game is well-balanced and appears to be well-tested.  I
> pleasantly surprised at how well the VCS AI played.  While the game's
> concept is simple, it's very well executed, IMHO.
> -Lee
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