Re: [stella] New game - Fall Down

Subject: Re: [stella] New game - Fall Down
From: "Aaron" <aaron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 05:01:22 +0100 (BST)
Erik Eid said:

> Hmm... how did I miss this?  Were you posting in the Homebrew forums?

Yep.  I haven't really been following the 2600 forum...

> For now I've been playing in Stella for Linux.  I noticed that the title
> screen gets garbled though the game itself seems to work fine.  Maybe it's
> just because it's an older Stella (1.3).

Must be.  It seems fine in Stella 1.4.1 and Z26.

> I did notice that if I press the fire button to dig a hole in a platform,
> all
> the boxes that I've picked up disappear, rather than just one at a time.
> Was
> this intentional or is there a problem with the trigger debounce?

It's intentional - you get different effects with different numbers of

> In a two-player game (or at least human against computer), when the game
> is
> over only the winning score was displayed.  This may be an aspect of the
> garbled title screen, but if not, I'd certainly like to see both scores.
> There's plenty of room.
> Wait, I get it - it's a high score, colored for the player that achieved
> it.
> Still, it would be good to see the scores of the game that just finished.

Yeah, you're not the first one to suggest that...  I'll have to see if I
can fit it in.  Probably I'll put the words "high score" on there
somewhere at least.

> Though you're not adding features, can I suggest a change in the score
> sound
> on occasion, maybe for every ten or twenty points a player earns?  After a
> while of hearing the same sound over and over again, I'd be likely to turn
> the volume down on my TV.

Hrm...  I could just make that particular sound effect shorter/quieter maybe?

> I agree with the other members who have liked the character animation but
> would like to see the background colors toned down a bit.

Howso?  Too bright?


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