Re: [stella] Jumpman: Beginner Levels

Subject: Re: [stella] Jumpman: Beginner Levels
From: Manuel Rotschkar <cybergoth@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 14:37:12 +0200
Hi Erik!

turns into a finished game; I have fond memories in my youth of playing Jumpman on the Atari 8-bit computers, and in later years on my PC with the Jumpman Lives collection.

Then it's time to play Jumpman Zero now I guess:

It's fantasic, trust me! :-)

This inspires a question about game construction philosophy...

When you're making a game that has a great many number of levels, do you find that is better to design most of the levels first and then write code to accommodate them, or design a couple of levels, write the code for them, design a couple more levels, and so on?

Phew... can't help with that, I'm no game designer... ;-)

I guess it's depending on the complexity of the game. When you have a simple engine for all levels, I guess you can do all levels once you're finished programming it.

With Jumpman/Jr. I guess Randy Glover just wrote a framework and then created one level after another, writing custom code for each as required.

To this day I'm still totally amazed at the pure genius found in the level design of Jumpman. I wish I had at least 10% of Randys creativity and inspiration...


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