Re: [stella] katamari damacy, sick and twisted

Subject: Re: [stella] katamari damacy, sick and twisted
From: "mike m." <bomberpunk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 22:15:50 -0700 (PDT)
not crazy at all, man!

what's up Nick. i've been on the stella list for over
a year now, although i've NEVER posted a message;
until now.

i played the japanese version of katamari damacy a few
months ago at my cousin's house and have been since
anticipating the US release of this game. after going
to a dozen stores, i finally found a copy.

anyway, i don't even know why i'm on this list. i know
0% about 2600 programming and almost every email i
read, i'm like "huh?". but i love the files. i love
seeing and experiencing the progress from the first
prototype to the final release that gets sold on

and that's 'cause i'm a programmer myself. but in a
different language; Qbasic. well, to make a long story
short, the reason i replied was because i had made a 
stripped-down basic version of Katamari Damacy in
Qbasic. if you want ot try it out, i've attached the
BAS file. just open it in Qbasic and hit SHIFT+F5 to
let 'er rip!

i'd love to help out any way i could to get your
spinoff game in action. in fact, my game may set a
good starting point for you to expand on.

if you want to email me back directly, use


--- Nick Bensema <nickb@xxxxxx> wrote:

> I just bought Katamari Damacy for the Playstation 2.
>  Very good game, 
> very original.
> For those not in the know, it's a game where you
> push around this ball 
> and stuff sticks to it, and as more stuff sticks, it
> grows bigger.  So 
> you can start out the level getting beaten up by
> mice and picking up 
> thumbtacks, and end the level picking up a parking
> garage and a soccer 
> team. is the original
> site, and there's an 
> English-language review here:
> After playing it all day today, I already think I
> might be able to make 
> a 2600 version.
> OK, I can't create an immersive 3D world with
> thousands of objects, but 
> I can make a game like this:
> * The player can push and steer a ball.  It'll
> probably look like River 
> Raid, though closer to Journey Escape.
> * Items that are small enough will stick to the
> ball, causing it to grow 
> in size.
> * Smaller items will cause the ball to grow more
> slowly than larger items.
> * Hard collisions with items that are too large will
> cause items to 
> break off the ball, causing it to gradually shrink.
> * Items appear to shrink relative to the ball as it
> grows.
> * Some kind of rule regarding awkward items changing
> the way the ball 
> rolls.
> Graphically, it would look something like this:
> * Items too large to pick up, like furniture,
> houses, mountains and 
> cliffs, would be represented on the playfield. 
> There might be 
> 16-pixel-wide versions of the 8-pixel-wide bitmaps,
> to make them proper 
> obstacles.
> * Items small enough to pick up would be represented
> by player graphics, 
> of varying widths.
> * The katamari ball is, well, the ball.
> * If there's enough memory, we would have a cache of
> two or four objects 
> that appear to orbit the ball as it rolls.  But that
> means that missed 
> objects would disappear as they passed.  OTOH, it
> would give us a way to 
> graphically represent objects flying off when things
> collide.
> so, how crazy am I?
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