Re: [stella] homebrews on eBay

Subject: Re: [stella] homebrews on eBay
From: Joseph Thompson <jrt1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 02 Oct 2004 10:18:56 -0500
Russ Perry Jr wrote:

At 9:23 AM +0200 10/2/04, Thomas Jentzsch wrote:

Russ Jr wrote:

I think it MIGHT be Will Luton, who I THINK was Liveinabin on

Nope, Liveinabin is David Exton. :-)

Ah yes! Will has Atarinvader or something like his website...

Looks like foxbatslayer is Ben Coulson, who wrote "The Midnight
Tiger" guide to 2600 games. I don't know him as a trader though,
so can't vouch for him after all. I did buy the book directly
from him with no problems though, if that counts for anything...

Well. it's a generally ill-researched (he could've just read AA and the DP guide and avoided a lot of mistakes) and not very good book . . . But I have no doubt that the games themselves are legitimately purchased.

Is he a general collectibles dealer who just dabbles in Atari? His previous items sold seem to be a wide range of stuff, which I'm sure is legit. Harbdack books, for one, would be too prohibitively expensive to properly counterfeit if all you were going to do with them was sell them on eBay at below market value . . .

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