Re: [stella] What's the purpose of address $29E?

Subject: Re: [stella] What's the purpose of address $29E?
From: "Alex Herbert" <herbs64@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2004 14:25:10 -0000
So what are your theories on why this was done? Maybe to confuse us that
reverse-engineer their code :-)

It means that D7 will be set on a read of $285 when the timer expires, which
can be useful if the code can't spin on INTIM. In this case since TIM8T is
used, there's only 8 cycles between when INTIM = 0 and when it rolls over
to -1 and starts counting the number of cycles since the timer expired. So
the programmer might have decided it was better to test $285 rather than
miss INTIM = 0 and get stuck for 256 cycles until the rollover counter
finally times out. (I've had this happen for certain values of TIM64T when
my INTTIM loop included a STA WSYNC.)

The interrupt flag is set regardless of whether the IRQ is enabled. Perhaps the documentation the programmer was using didn't make this clear, or they just didn't read it properly or something. Writing to $29e rather than $296 only enables the RIOT's IRQ pin on timeout, which has no benefit on the 2600.

Alex Herbert

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