Re: [stella] 262 scanline kernel is rolling

Subject: Re: [stella] 262 scanline kernel is rolling
From: "Aaron" <stella-receiver@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 01:55:10 -0500
Zach M said:
> Thanks Aaron. I believe that VBLANK was the problem in my kernel.  One
> thing
> I'm confused about though:  Should VBLANK be set at the start or the end
> of
> overscan? I just used z26 to trace the code of Pacman and Outlaw, and it
> appears they set VBLANK at scanline #263.

Hrm, didn't know that...  I've been setting it at the start.  Evidently
the end works just as well.

You also might want to take Dennis's advice anyway and reset the
memory/stack/etc, even if it's not a problem now.


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