[stella] hello there

Subject: [stella] hello there
From: "Siert Wieringa" <se541075@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 04:21:58 -0400
Hello Atari programmers,

Last week I was looking for some old computer information on the internet
and found the Atari 2600 Developers Community. After some hesitations I decided
to subscribe to this mailing list and the AtariAge forum, so I thought it
would be a good idea to introduce myself here.

I am now 22 years old and I am dutch. As a child I owned a 2600 (who didn't)
but I think I skillfully destroyed that thing like so much other electrical
stuff that got into my hands. Well, it wasn't all for nothing because I later
decided I'd study electrical engineering.

I've always been making computer programmes and always loved to work with
old 8-bit systems and more modern homebrew/"schoolbrew" microcontroller systems.
That is why when I got my bachelor's degree in electrical engineering last
year I decided to do a master in computer science and have some more of the
theoretical software stuff.

During my bachelors course I've been fiddling a lot with the i2c bus, first
writing software to connect it to the PC's parallel port. Later a friend
of mine and me designed a device that was using a fast CPLD and lots of VHDL
code to decode i2c bus signals and send them to a PC that could then display
the data read from the bus without the device actually participating in the
bus communications.

Now I only have to do software (and mathematics :-() in university I like
to do some more home electronics projects. Since I still love the simplicity
of the i2c bus I'd love to connect it to all my old computers and an Atari
2600 would be a great addition. That is why my hesitation for subscribing
to the Stella mailing list ended when I read a topic dated somewhere last
month on somebody who'd already connected the i2c bus to Atari's. 

Sunday I am going to collect an Atari 2600 that I bought on the internet
yesterday and I think you'll be hearing more from me once I get going.

By the way, my compliments to Kirk Israel, I loved the 2600 101 tutorial.




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