Re: [stella] Black Box Development system

Subject: Re: [stella] Black Box Development system
From: David Wyn Davies <davidwyn.davies@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 02:58:14 -0400
Last saw an 8" floppy around 1987. It was at the first place I worked as 
a programmer (converting PET Basic bespoke applications into GWBASIC on  
the PC). It was a copy of Microsoft Basic. They didn't have any 8" 
drives though.

Chris Wilkson wrote:

>BTW, I saw that PDP (or one of its successors) at one of the gameing shows
>last year.  Maybe Philly Classic.  Anyway, Pac Man was developed on it,
>and the source was stored on an 8" floppy (which was also on display).

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