[stella] sample of Atari sounds

Subject: [stella] sample of Atari sounds
From: Kirk Israel <kirkjerk@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 15:28:57 -0400
Does anyone konw if a compete-ish collection of sounds an Atari could
make (changing voice and frequency, not so much playing with volume
though I know that's important) in WAV or similar format is around? Or
if there was a way of capturing those sounds without resorting to a
microphone? (Like sampling straight out of Z26 with a custom sound
generation program)

Just a thought. I'm thinking ahead to a future project, and something
that would let you record an atari soundtrack would be pretty
cool...I'm absolutely terrible at transcribing rhythms, for JoustPongs
simple but I think cool drumbeat I wrote a trivial Java program to
capture me tapping on the keyboard and quantizing that, and extending
that idea and making a MusicPal 2600 might be cool--big emphasis on
usability over exposing every facet of what an Atari can do.

I'm hoping to get PlayerPal 2600 finished up this weekend...the only
major piece missing is importing binary source back into it.

Keep on hackin'
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