[stella] RE: RE: [stella] shake problem

Subject: [stella] RE: RE: [stella] shake problem
From: "maoshan108_369" <maoshan108_369@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 05:39:09 -0400
> I looked at Z26 output by using -t.  I found a bankswitching problem.  You 
> have a JSR to a routine doesn't exist in the current bank:
>               JSR    RoomNumToAddress    ;Convert it to an address.
> There may be others.

Thank you.I checked it,it work better now. But screen still shake  at sometime.
I look at z26 output by using -t( study from you just now  :) ),but the LOG file is too big,How can you find where problem is?  Are there some tricks?

And I found dragon (or others) is not displayed when it should be.
It seems as if so much work need to be done yet.I had worked 15 days for this game...
OK,never give up.
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