Re: [stella] OT: ARCHIVES!!

Subject: Re: [stella] OT: ARCHIVES!!
From: Glenn Saunders <mos6507@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 03:19:31 -0400
Russ, we've already had debates in the past about
whether or not to move and if so, when and how.

I treat Thomas as the one of the most influential
stellalist members so if he's gung ho about leaving, I
think we should take it seriously.

I think it's time we resolve this once and for all
otherwise we might start to see some of the best and
brightest move off of Stellalist on their own.

I'd rather see an organized exodus than to have
Stellalist die off with each unsub and have this

--- Thomas Jentzsch <tjentzsch@xxxxxx> wrote:

> Adam Wozniak wrote:
> > Move?  Now?  Please?
> YES!!!
> Have fun!
> Thomas    

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