Re: [stella] on Batari BASIC

Subject: Re: [stella] on Batari BASIC
From: Doug Dingus <opengeek@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 02:12:35 -0400
Well, lets try this again. If you see two of these, sorry. I didn't think 
about email forwarding when I registered with biglist.

Greets all.

I've exchanged e-mails with a few of you over the years. Glenn, I never 
thanked you for your Stella CD work. (I've got #98!) --So thanks! I enjoyed 
that project very much.

Forgive me if this reply is out of place. I have not participated on e-mail 
lists often. Feel free to whack me with the cluestick if needed.

I joined the list to make a comment, or two on the Batari Basic briefly 
discussed here. Been a lurker for many years. As a teenager, I learned a lot 
about assembly language programming on the Atari 800 and CoCo. (Miss that 
6809) Family / work life never really allowed for much participation. 
Reading the archives and watching you all develop your games, while 
continuing to find new ways to squeeze ever better visuals out of the 2600 
has been very entertaining and informative. There is nothing like the old 
machines today. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive and for answering 
unanswered questions slowly over the years.

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