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Subject: Re: [stella] *grumble*
From: Adam Wozniak <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2005 02:00:52 -0400
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On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, Russ Perry Jr wrote:
> At 6:25 PM -0400 8/4/05, Adam Wozniak wrote:
> > Around about July 12th biglist stopped sending me mail for apparantly
> > no reason.
> The reason is "Bad address: Emails not reaching subscriber".  So it
> IS sending them, but you're not receiving them.  Please check with
> your ISP.
> > Can we please, please, please, move somewhere else?  This kind of
> > !@#*!@# happens far, far too often.
> As I've pointed out with other issues, it's not always Biglist.  This
> appears to be another case where it isn't Biglist's problem.

Sorry, I have to cry bullshit on this one.  Please show me the bounce
messages you are receiving.  I am "my ISP". is my machine,
and it sits in a colocation facility.  Over thirty other people depend on
this machine for mail and other services.  Believe me, if mail has problems
here, I hear about it immediately.

> Glenn, I'm looking into setting the number up, but if "cuddlepuddle.
> org" isn't resolving for some reason, mail will still bounce and
> eventually unsubscribe Adam no matter what I set it to.

DNS is handled by eNom.  eNom maintains redundant geographically
distributed servers across the country.  DNS resolution is NOT the
problem here.

> BTW - I'm getting a little tired of seeing "let's get off Stella"
> posts.  These are off-topic and are better sent to the people who
> are actually working on this.

If biglist worked reliably, you wouldn't see them.

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